Our Rolex showroom at the Kaya Grandi

The Littman difference

Our Rich History

Steven and Ester Littman

Proudly established in Bonaire

In 1981, Steven and Esther Littman established Littman's Jewelers in Kralendijk, the capital city and main port of Bonaire, located directly across from the old tourist office.

Our old storefront at the Kaya Grandi, Bonaire

Move to the Kaya Grandi

In 1986, Littman's acquired a historic building on Kaya Grandi, Bonaire's only shopping street, which was transformed into a beautiful retail destination for high-end jewelry and luxury watches. Over the years Littman's has undergone numerous renovations, all of which have helped build its reputation as one of the premier jewelers of Bonaire in the Caribbean.

The Rolex Submariner Connection

The Rolex Submariner Connection

In 1999, Littman's became an Official Rolex Jeweler, allowed to sell and maintain Rolex timepieces. The Submariner, a watch originally created for underwater exploration and diving, deeply resonated with Littman's clients and quickly became a piece that introduced many to the Rolex brand.

This iconic timepiece created in 1953, has constantly evolved to enhance its waterproofness, robustness, and functionality and has become the emblematic all-round watch, worn by explorers, athletes, filmmakers, artists and others across all walks of life. The partnership between Littman's and Rolex has been instrumental in establishing Littman's as a trusted name in luxury timepieces and this reputation has continued to grow over the years.

Following the Rolex Service Procedure

A new era at Littman

In 2022, Adam and Jessyca Littman, following Adam's father's passing, took over the family business and created a new vision for the store layout and design, including the Rolex environment. The light-filled space is a gorgeous and airy testament to its seaside locale, highlighting an unparalleled selection of fine jewelry and watches, including Rolex, and becoming an essential destination for Rolex watch aficionados.